Point of Sale ID Scanner

PointOS Point of Sale supports many types of add-on attachments. You can find a list of all of features here. Some of the accessories are useful to any restaurant owner, but something we take pride in is our scanners. Our PointOS Point of Sale system utilizes UPC bar code scanners and card readers, but for the bar owner we offer something special: an ID scanner.

The ID scanner was created for bar owners in mind. It is able to verify ID's, save them, and be integrated into customer profiles. All of this is an important part of the bar service: you have to verify the age of your customer, remember their name, and ultimately begin a relationship with them to earn their repeat business.

The scanner is reliable, with easy update and cleaning methods and accurate verification procedures. You can even identify "No ID Reasons" with a pop-up window for a specific customer Not only are customer ID's recognized, but so are employee ID's. This is a convenient way to create security methods for your PointOS network.

Security and convenience are important principles for any owner in the service industry, and hardware accessories like this are the reason why people love PointOS. Check out customer testimonials or download a free demo of our PointOS Point of Sale today.